Contech Research has complete testing capability for connector products.  The facility has the capability of performing:

1. Perform Qualification Testing

a) Design Verification Test Programs
b) Specialized Qualification Test Programs
c) Military QPL Test Programs
d) Long Term Performance Test Programs
e) Special Studies and Evaluations
f) Material Analysis and Evaluations
g) Audit Testing
h) Final Inspection Testing
i) Individual Attribute Testing

2. Design specialized test and evaluation programs to determine long term performance characteristics for specific applications.

3. In addition to standard procedures, develop specialized procedures to determine attributes such as:

a) Gas Tight Characteristics
b) Normal Force Characterization
c) Solvent Resistance
d) Solderability: Dip Test, Wave Solder, Vapor Phase
e) Evaluation of Solder Heat Resistance: Dip Test, Wave Solder, Vapor Phase, Infra Red
f) Current Carrying Capacity and/or Temperature Rise
g) Porosity of a variety of finishes via: Nitric Vapors, HCl Vapors, SO2 Vapors, Gel Test
h) Establishment of durability levels including dynamic testing.
i) Wear Analysis

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