Tin Whiskers

A growing concern in the interconnection industry is the impact of the European Union’s Directive on the Restriction of certain Hazardous Substances (RoHS Directive). The Elimination of tin/lead solder plating systems in favor of lead free plating has revisited an old adversary-----tin whiskers.

While maintaining our commitment to providing “cutting edge” technology, Contech Research announces the ability to provide testing in accordance with the International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative (INEMI) specification. Having the experience dating back to the 1960’s in dealing with tin whiskering, also enables Contech Research personal to provide exceptional insight into the tin whisker phenomenon.

The testing, designed to determine the products susceptibility to tin whisker growth, consists of 3 test groups:

Group 1 – High temperature/Humidity exposure
          Duration 4000 hours

Group 2 – Storage test at ambient conditions
          Duration 4000 hours

Group 3 – Thermal cycle testing
          Duration 1000 cycles

Optical inspection utilizing high magnification equipment (such as SEM) is used to identify the presence of tin whiskers. Recognizing the significance of this testing, communication and data transfer between Contech Research and the test sponsor is kept in the strict confidence. At the conclusion of testing, comprehensive test reports (Available in hard and soft copies) are issued which complete the analysis.

In addition to the above, Contech Research also posses the ability and expertise (in terms of technology and resources) to address “non-industry” or proprietary standards relative to tin whiskering.

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Tin Whisker Testing

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