This test provides a short-term simulation of the long-term effects of temperature cycling. The thermal cycling provides a breathing action, inducing the corrosion process.

The purpose of high temperature storage testing is to determine a products ability to withstand storage in a high temperature environment such as a warehouse located in the tropics. Exposure to high temperature can cause physical damage or a deterioration of performance.

Conversely, low temperature storage testing's purpose is to determine the effects in a low temperature environment, looking for the same effects as In high temperature storage. Temperature shock is performed to determine is the product can withstand sudden changes in temperature without being physically damaged or performance impaired.

Low Temperature Storage:

  • Hardening and embrittlement of materials.
  • Binding of parts from differential contraction of dissimilar materialsand the different rates of expansion of different parts in response to temperature transients.
  • Loss of lubrication and lubricant flow due to increased viscosity.
  • Changes in electronic components.
  • Cracking and crazing, embrittlement, change in impact strength, and reduced strength.
  • Static fatigue of restrained glass.
  • Condensation and freezing of water.

High Temperature:

  • Parts binding from differential expansion of dissimilar materials.
  • Lubricants becoming less viscous; joints losing lubrication by outward flow of lubricant.
  • Materials changing in dimension, either totally or selectively.
  • Packing, gaskets, seals, bearings and shafts becoming distorted, binding, and failing causing mechanical or integrity failures.
  • Gaskets displaying permanent set.
  • Closure and sealing strips deteriorating.
  • Electronic circuit stability.
  • Altering of operating/release margins of relays or magnetic or thermally activated devices.
    Shortened operating lifetime.
  • Discoloration, cracking or crazing of organic materials.

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